7 Wedding Dress Silhouettes From Trendy to Timeless

7 Wedding Dress Silhouettes From Trendy to Timeless

Have you decided on your wedding dress yet? Are you going for a trendy jumpsuit or is a timeless ball gown more your style?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer variety of wedding dresses and gowns that are available. To help you choose the perfect one, we have compiled some of the most popular wedding dress silhouettes below, so you can pick the one that’s perfect for you.

Trendy to Timeless

Are you petite or statuesque? Do you have a full figure or are you leaning towards the lighter side? Do you have a more reserved personality or are you more the rocker chick type?

Different brides have different personalities, preferences, and body types. When choosing your bridal outfit, take these factors into consideration so you’ll feel comfortable and fabulous on your big day. You should also consider the venue, weather, and theme (if any) when choosing your wedding attire.

It would be so much easier for you if you have a wedding expert to guide you through the process of choosing your wedding dress.

At Esposa, we want our brides to be as relaxed and stress-free as possible; that’s why we have a wedding dress consultant on hand. All you need to do is book an appointment and we will schedule a bridal consultation to help you find your ultimate wedding dress.

To help you prepare for your wedding dress appointment, we’ve put together information on the most common wedding dress silhouettes. These range from trendy cuts to timeless classics.

Read on to see which one will suit your sophisticated taste the best:

1. High-Low

Do you have a pair of to-die-for shoes you want to show off? Well, that’s just one of the reasons why you should choose this asymmetrical cut wedding dress.

From the back, it might seem like you’re wearing a ball gown, but in front, the hemline is cut shorter. The high-Low silhouette is cut in front starting from above your knees and flows down to the ankles.

2. Jumpsuit

For brides who are not comfortable wearing a dress, a jumpsuit is an exceptional choice. It gives off a certain ready-to-disco vibe while still looking chic and classy.

The key to a fantastic jumpsuit is to take your body shape into consideration. If you’re tall, then you can try a wide-legged jumpsuit. For petite forms, slim and cropped jumpsuits will help create visual length.

The necklines will also need to be considered. An off-the-shoulder jumpsuit will suit pear-shaped women, while a blouson jumpsuit can create an hourglass illusion for apple-shaped bodies. A V-neck jumpsuit works for those who have ample bosoms while those who have more modest proportions can go for ruffled details.

3. Midi or Mini

Some brides are uncomfortable wearing long dresses, and some fashion-forward brides are now opting to sport midi dresses. This kind of cut has a hemline that skims between the ankles and the knees. It is long enough to be formal yet short enough to be comfortable.

For those who completely shun the longer-than-knee-length hemlines, then a wedding mini dress can still be a fashionable choice. This daring cut can be as thigh-high or can skim a little above the knee. To make it dressier, choose an elegant fabric such as silk, lace, or if you’re feeling more whimsical, feathers.

4. Romper

If you’re having a beach or an adventure-themed wedding, a romper is another trendy wedding outfit that you can consider. This unconventional style features a one-piece attire that can feature different necklines and shorts that are usually above-the-knee or mid-thigh.

It can also be part of a two-piece ensemble. For example, you can wear a detachable ball skirt over it during the wedding rites, which you can simply unfasten during the reception to reveal the fun shorts underneath.

5. A-Line

The A-line cut is one of the timeless wedding dress silhouettes that can flatter almost any figure. It is a well-loved cut with a bodice that embraces your body, is cinched at the waist, and flares like the capital letter A down to your feet.

6. Ball Gown

If you’ve always dreamed of looking like a princess on your wedding day, then a ball gown silhouette is the one for you. It has a fitted bodice that can be cinched at the waist or hips and then flares down to the floor in voluminous glory.

7. Column

Brides who want an understated yet elegant look usually opt for the column dress. This silhouette is typically streamlined and features uninterrupted seam lines down to the ankles or the floor. It has a more structured cut that can still show your natural waistline and usually requires the use of fabrics that hold more structure, such as brocade, corded lace, or taffeta.

Dressed to Thrill

Your wedding attire is a major ingredient that’ll make you look and feel good on your wedding day. It is, therefore, crucial that you choose the perfect one so you’ll look your best, most elegant self, and enjoy the festivities.

When you want a wedding outfit that will surely thrill you and everyone who sees you, consider going to a bridal boutique that can expertly guide you in making an informed choice. Whether you rent or buy, you’ll be sure to find the wedding outfit of your dreams, especially with the help of experienced bridal consultants.

With the right wedding dress, you can walk down the aisle looking beautiful and confident on your wedding day.
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