8 Worst Celebrity Wedding Dresses in History!


8 Worst Celebrity Wedding Dresses in History!

In the below article you will discover the worst celebrity wedding dress in history. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life that you have been waiting for since you were a little girl. It’s a special day where you look the most beautiful in that white wedding dress with the perfect hairstyle and makeup. All eyes are focused on you and you definitely are the center of attention. What if it was the wedding of a celebrity? Choosing a wedding dress can be difficult and anyone can make a bad decision. If you don’t choose a nice and elegant wedding dress that fits your body shape, you can regret it all your life. Celebrities compete all the time in terms of fashion and tend to wear original outfits or wedding dresses that will make them shine. However, they sometimes make wrong decisions that will make them look ridiculous. In the below article, discover the worst celebrity wedding dresses of all time.

  • Lady Mary Charteris

    A Wedding Dress by Pam Hogg

    Lady Mary Charteris wore a very weird and bizarre dress which was very revealing. It also had a lot of tulle fabric at the bottom and see-through sleeves. The dress was designed by Pam Hogg.
  • Emma Thompson

    Emma Thompson Pink and white Wedding Dress

  • Emma Thompson, the famous British actress, wore an unusual and untraditional short wedding dress in 1989 on her wedding day. It was decorated with patterns and florals in pink and white and had puffy sleeves with a weird cut which made it an epic fail.

    • Katie Price

      A Pink Wedding Dress

    Katie Price wore a pink wedding dress for her wedding to Peter Andree. It was a bad choice she made for many reasons. It has a puffy skirt with several layers of fabric and unusual cut at the upper part.

    • Luisana Lopiloto

      Luisana Lopiloto weird wedding dress

    Luisana Lopiloto, the wife of Michael Bubble made the wrong choice when choosing her wedding dress. It looked similar to a toilet roll cover doll at the bottom and was made of satin fabric at the upper part.

    • Jennifer Lopez

      Jennifer Lopez Wedding Dress by Valentino

    Jennifer Lopez wore a lace Valentino wedding dress on her second wedding to Cris Judd. It was a bling wedding dress.    

    • Pamela Anderson
    Pamela Anderson was not a traditional bride. She chose to wear a white bikini with a captain’s hat on her Saint Tropez yacht wedding.

    • Helen Worth

      Helen Worth Unusual Wedding Dresss

    Helen Worth wore an unusual dress on her wedding day. It was a long satin silver dress with long sleeves. It also had a high lace neck.    

    • Tina Tuner

      Black and Green Wedding Dress

    Tina turner wore a black and green wedding dress when she got married to Erwin Bach in 2013. It was a bizarre dress with black pants under it.

    Although celebrities choose expensive designer gowns, doesn’t mean they make the right choice and choose the most beautiful dresses. On one hand, a lot of them rely on the help of stylists and professionals to choose their looks for events or certain occasions. On the other, some choose outfits and dresses that don’t suit their body shape, thus would end up having an ugly look.

    Finally, international celebrities are an inspiration to many especially in fashion. A lot of fans look up to them. Moreover, celebrities not only wear the latest trends in fashion but also create their own trends. We noticed in the above article the worst celebrity wedding dresses in history but we all make mistakes and wrong decisions. Who do you think had the worst wedding dress?
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