An Exclusive Talk With The Romanos Sisters!

An Exclusive Talk With The Romanos Sisters!

1- What are the 3 ingredients of success for Esposa?
Jihane: I think it all starts with the experience we’ve inherited from our parents. This makes all the difference and remarkably contributes to where Esposa is today. Passion, love, and family were and remain the ingredients of success for Esposa.
Juliana: We have inherited a successful legacy but carrying it forward and growing it is a responsibility that rests on our shoulders. In my opinion, passion, love, and fashion are the three main ingredients of Esposa’s success.
Kristie: Our family business if born out of passion and love for fashion. These are definitely crucial factors of success for us.

2- What does Esposa mean to you?
Juliana: Esposa is my first baby. I can’t imagine my life without it because every day is a new lesson and a new achievement.
Kristie: Esposa is my family, it’s everything to me. It’s the reason I wake up every day driven by the desire to make another woman’s dream come true.
Jihane: Esposa is also my baby; the first baby we all chose to raise. It is a big family where the desire to spread happiness and make dreams come true is passed on from generation to another, from founders to more than 80 employees, so that each one of us can contribute to the big day of our brides.

3- What’s the best thing about working in this industry?
Jihane: To see the happiness in the eyes of a bride when she finds the dress of her dreams is the most beautiful thing we can achieve through Esposa.
Juliana: To see a bride shining in her dress, to witness her happiness, knowing that we have realized the vision she has been dreaming of and contributed to her love story… this is the ultimate aspiration.
Kristie: My favorite moment at Esposa is to see the excitement on the face of our brides. This is the strongest testimony of success for me and an image that makes me very proud.

4- What’s your aim from Esposa?
Jihane: Our main goal is to find the perfect fit for every bride, the dress that makes her happy and shine in the eyes of her man.
Kristie: Our aim is to weave more and more love stories and to spread happiness.

5- How did your passion for fashion start?
Kristie: Fashion was always present in my life since my early age, knowing that I was born in a family passionate about bridal couture. However, I particularly felt involved in the world of fashion at the age of 16 when I started traveling with my mother to luxury couture markets to buy the top brands. This is where I discovered, not only the latest collections and trends of luxury brands, but also my immense love for this field. When I joined the family business after my studies and career abroad, I felt the need to bring my own input, to make a difference somewhere. This is when I started twisting or designing dresses based on my clients’ demands, adding this extra something they were desperately looking for. This is what gradually lead to the birth and expansion of EsposaCouture, which has become today a full line that is being distributed worldwide.

6- Tell us more about EsposaCouture.
Kristie: As I said, EsposaCouture took shape year after year, starting from the desire to cater better for the clientele I was assisting. From a small in-house atelier where I used to revisit brides’ dresses, EsposaCouture has become today a full line renowned around the world, with a presence in Lebanon, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and many countries worldwide, including New York, Tokyo, Milan, etc.

7- Where do you see Esposa in the future?
Juliana: I see Esposa in the future a brand which keeps on making a difference in the lives of people we work with or meet along the way and a brand which keeps influencing women.
Jihane/Kristie: We hope - and we will work hard - to make Esposa shine for another 30 years, to make more and more women happy around the world, and to keep weaving love stories and influencing the bridal industry through a forward-looking vision and a love spreading philosophy.   Konica Minolta-20171102161257  
ESPOSA is a bridal shop in lebanon, dubai, abu dhabi, Sao paulo that is all about luxury brands offering every bride-to-be a one-stop store to find and shop her wedding look including her dream gown, the perfect wedding shoes and the accessories that she needs. Our stores are located in Lebanon (Dbayeh and Beirut downtown) and UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi).
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