Best Wedding Dress Cuts Based on Body Shape


Best Wedding Dress Cuts Based on Body Shape

Discover the best wedding dress cuts for your body shape as well as tips on shopping for that special dress:

  1. Dress cuts for different body shapes
  2. Wedding dress shopping tips

Every girl’s dream is to wear a white fancy dress to make her look like a princess on her wedding day, so choosing the right dress isn't easy and might take a lot of time; you need to choose the fabric, style, and cut of the dress as well as research which designer/brand that best matches your taste. However, the most important choice is the cut that fits your body shape so you'll have a stunning appearance.

Dress Cuts for Different Body Shapes

There are different types of wedding dress cuts but each cut suits a certain body shape. Check them out below:

A-Line Dresses


A-line wedding dress designed by Esposa

The A-Line dress is fitted at the hips and flows naturally towards the ground giving the shape of the capital letter A. Also, they are designed with different fabrics such as lace, silk, and organza. Finally, this type of dress is perfect for every body shape.

Ball Gowns


A Ball gown with long sleeves by Pronovias

Ball gowns are perfect for tall and pear-shaped brides and make you feel like a princess. Some ball gowns are usually made up of fitted tops with a full skirt made of tulle fabric.

Mermaid Dresses


A wedding dress with a mermaid cut by Enzoani

Mermaid dresses are tight dresses at the hips and thighs while flaring out below the knees giving the shape of a mermaid. These dresses are perfect for the hour-glass body shape because they show off the curves.

Straight Dress Cuts


A straight wedding dress by Esposa

Straight dresses are simple dresses that don’t flare out and are usually perfect for thin body types. They are not suitable for pear-shaped bodies.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

  1. Consider context: The venue, season, and time of day of your ceremony are all factors that affect your choice.

  2. Research online: Do your research on social media and Pinterest to get ideas on wedding dress styles and cuts.

  3. Set a budget: Don’t waste time trying out dresses that aren't within your budget.

  4. Book appointments at wedding shops: Booking appointments in advance at your favorite bridal boutiques ensures you'll get a full hour of attention.

  5. Listen to your bridal consultant: Consider their advice since they definitely know what type of dress best suits you because of their experience.

  6. Be fully convinced with your decision: If you can’t imagine yourself in the dress on your wedding day, search for another one.

  7. Don't take too many opinions: Taking more than 2 friends with you while shopping for the wedding dress could cause confusion; you might end up with different opinions and won’t be able to decide.

  8. Trust your instincts: You’ll know which dress is best for you when you wouldn’t want to try any other dress.

  9. Don't forget to go strapless: Wear a strapless bra to your appointment to try out dresses with confidence.

  10. Watch the make-up: Don’t put on a lot of makeup to avoid damaging luxurious dresses that you try on.

Finally, we hope that the above shopping tips help out all brides out there! Remember to buy the dress that best fits your body shape and to book an appointment with our bridal consultants in advance. We're waiting for you!
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