The best places to meet your future husband!

The best places to meet your future husband!

Scouting out a good husband isn’t an easy thing to do, right? You don’t happen to be one of those lucky high school or college sweethearts? No worries, these are nothing but exceptions. There are still countless places to meet your husband and here are few of them for some inspiration!

First and foremost, the most recognized places are the big ceremonies such as weddings and engagement parties. Nothing beats getting to know your special someone while celebrating the union of some friends.

Other places could be the typical and straightforward spots like bars and clubs. Having a drink (or more) with some friends is an optimum arrangement to fall right into your element and loosen up a bit in order to be at your most sociable and friendly. This even puts you in the perfect mood for some flirting. Other quite “similar” occasions could be house parties that you either get invited to, or, that you host yourself. During these instances, things are a bit more in control and common friends can come in handy in the course of these matters.   place-to-meet-her   On a more casual note, restaurants and coffee shops are also some friendly places to meet that special person. Whether you’re out with some colleagues, friends or even by yourself, catching up on some work on your laptop or even just reading some news, your future-husband could be sitting right across you! Even if real life isn’t a novel or a movie, this could and has actually happened many times. Faith is faith, isn’t it?

Some more exotic ways to meet your hubby would be on trips! Whether at the airport, in the airplane or in the lobby of your hotel, or maybe walking with your toes in the sand, your husband-to-be could be right next to you. What better story to tell anyway than having met your soul mate on vacation?

If you’re an artistic person who likes to discover new things and leans towards artsy minds, exhibitions, workshops and cultural events could be a great opportunity to meet that like-minded person. Who says the love of your life won’t be looking at the painting right next to you at an art exhibition? Or maybe participating in the same acting workshop as you?   place-you-met-her-at-first-time   Fan of adrenaline, sports and outdoors activities? From running teams and climbing clubs to dance and fitness classes, common interest hubs could definitely be great encounter spaces. After all, what’s better than learning to share the things you love most with a partner? This person could be anywhere!

You should definitely not underestimate the random things you do and places you go to on a regular basis as well. From buying some groceries at the supermarket or some book at a bookstore to just roaming around the mall or the park, you never know whom you might stumble upon.

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