Esposa’s Top 10 Tips for the Perfect Bridal Makeup

Esposa’s Top 10 Tips for the Perfect Bridal Makeup

You’ve picked your wedding dress, your bridal accessories, your hairstyle, and your bridesmaid’s look. It’s time to give your wedding makeup some thought. Whether you’re getting married during the day, at night, in summer or winter, here are some essential makeup tips compiled by Esposa that every bride should know before her big day.

1- Get that glowing tan
Spray tan can help add nice color to your skin and give you that “glow” that will make you shine both in photos and reality. However, choosing the wrong tan can lead to a fake look. Make sure to go for the tan that is closest to your skin color for the most natural effect.
2- “Lay the foundation” for lasting makeup
If you want your makeup to last all day and all night, you have to prepare your skin for that. After cleansing well the skin and moisturizing it, Esposa highly recommends using a primer, which will constitute a smooth canvas for your foundation and help your makeup last longer!   woman  applying dry cosmetic tonal foundation  on the face  
3- Oily skin is a NO.
Choosing your products oil-free will save you the sweaty oily look that no bride would ever want to have in her wedding photos. Consider using oil-free base layer products - primer, foundation, moisturizer – as well as carrying oil-free blotting sheets on you!
4- Waterproof everything
Even if you’re not the emotional type who is normally prone to tears, it’s important to use humidity-proof makeup, whether we’re talking about tears or sweat. This includes waterproof mascara, concealer, eyeliner, and brow filler.
5- Even out your skin tone
You don’t want your face, neck, and torso to each have a different tone. Make sure to even out your skin tone across these areas, either with a sponge or brush.
6- Focus on the eyes
Your eye makeup is probably the most important part of the whole work; you don’t want to mess that. There are many eye-enhancing makeup techniques that Esposa recommends, among which going darker on the outside of the eyes and brighter as you work in, using shimmer powder in the inner corners of your eyes for a glowing wide-awake eye effect, curling your eyelashes and thickening them with fake lashes for a killer look, as well as using water-based eyeliner for a longer-lasting effect.
7- Make it special
Even if you’re not a makeup fan, your big day is like no other day and for that reason, you need to put a little more makeup than what you put normally. Don’t forget that you want your makeup to last the long day you have ahead and the many many pictures you will have to take!   Bridal-make-up-autunno-2014  
8- Yes for touchups!
Carrying a makeup bag where you can keep a few touchup products can be a lifesaver. A lip color and some powder can be enough to refresh that bridal look.
9- Look like yourself
Going for a slightly stronger makeup does not mean your makeup style should change drastically. After all, you want to be an enhanced version of yourself and not someone you can’t even recognize. Stay true to your taste and personality and just aim at being the best of you!
10- Set everything
Complete your makeup with the most important finishing touch: the setting spray! Spray some on your face to make sure it will remain picture-perfect throughout the whole day.
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