Esposa’s 10 Tips to Get Smartly in Shape for the Big Day

Esposa’s 10 Tips to Get Smartly in Shape for the Big Day

If you’ve never had a good reason to lose weight in a short period of time, there ain’t one better than your wedding day! There’s nothing like that white dress you’ve always seen yourself in to motivate you to get serious about that diet. It’s enough to think of the wedding pictures, the wedding dress, and the honeymoon to find the will you never had before.
We know wedding preparations can be stressful enough and you don’t need that extra source of frustration. That’s why Esposa decided to do the homework for you by researching and compiling all the smart tips that will help you make the right changes in your diet so that you can not only lose that extra weight, but also never gain it back.

Here are 10 essential tips to look slim and healthy on your wedding day:
1- Do not mess with your breakfast. It stays the most important meal of the day and for good reasons. Eating a copious breakfast will not only fire up your metabolism but actually help you lose weight! Starting your day with a healthy breakfast, especially if it is protein-based, will help you consumer fewer calories throughout the day. Try and see by yourself!
2- Keep it small. The biggest secret for weight loss is to reduce your meal portions. By pouring one spoon less of anything you eat, you’d be helping your stomach shrink and you’ll see yourself dropping those unwanted pounds in no time.
  1b2cbdaef0b56c41dfb9b23a59f75c01   3- Make water your best friend. Drinking water will not only give you a great skin for your big day, it will also help you lose weight. Start your day by drinking one liter of water and keep a bottle on you everywhere you go to fill yourself up every time you feel hungry. Water will help curb your appetite and help you burn more calories.
4- Cut the sugar. Besides its many harmful effects, sugar is a number one factor for stimulating your appetite. Although you could feel energetic after a bar of chocolate, you will experience in no time a “hunger attack”. What really happens to your body is that, after eating high-carb foods, it will release a lot of insulin to process that sugar, causing your blood sugar to skyrocket before dropping to lower than it’s supposed to.
5- Limit alcohol. Not only does it reduce your immunity and dehydrate your body, alcohol is also very high in calories. If you want to be fit and healthy for your wedding day, you have to control your alcohol intakes and preferably limit them to once or twice per week.
6- Catch your sleep. Although you have a zillion things to do on that wedding to-do list, do your best to start you day early and finish your tasks before sunset. Catching your early hours of sleep is more than crucial for your body to recover its energy and boost its immunity system, but also help you lose that weight.
7- Make your workout a priority. Fitness is just as important as a healthy diet if you want to lose weight. Your busy calendar could be too full but that’s no reason for you not to prioritize your health. The best way to commit to workout is to register in some pre-scheduled classes and pay your monthly registration ahead. You don’t want to waste that money for nothing before your wedding!
8- Sample smart. We know pre-wedding preparations can involve a lot of food tasting. You can’t escape that but you can definitely control it. Keep the portions of whatever you’re sampling small, and balance your diet by cutting on sugar for the previous or the next few days when you know a lot of sweets are on the menu!
  top-10-fitness-facts-s3-photo-of-woman-on-exercise-ball-at-beach   9- Don’t let yourself get too hungry. Staying several hours without eating will not only create monstrous cravings but also make you cranky. Avoid those “hangry” moments by keeping healthy snacks in your purse. Smart snacking will keep your body properly fueled and help you eat more balanced portions.
10- Manage stress. You already have a lot to worry about between your wedding dress and all the details of your wedding planning. Imagine adding the stress of losing weight to that. Again and again, stressing too much will affect your health and might cause emotional eating. Try to look at the big picture from to time and remind yourself to breathe and enjoy the little moments that lead to your big day.

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