ESPOSA’S 7 Ways to Show Your Love on Valentine’s

ESPOSA’S 7 Ways to Show Your Love on Valentine’s

Even if she says she's not the Valentine’s type, don’t you dare fall into the trap. Your woman is just like any other woman, and Valentine’s does matter. Clear your calendar and make sure February 14 does stand out in a way or another. Short of ideas? Here are Esposa's favorite Valentine's plans that you can get inspired from:
1- Revive the first encounter
Going back to the first days of your relationship could be a great way to remember how strong your love was and to rekindle it. Take your mind back to your first date and try to revive the memory by reenacting it: book in that same restaurant, take her dancing in that same club, or maybe just do the things that sparked your love first.   activitati-de-iarna-2.jpg  
2- Quench her adventurous taste
Is your girl the adventurous type? Then, we can all assure you, at Esposa, that nothing would make her happier than enjoying some adrenaline-stimulating moments with you on this day. Plan an outing or weekend around hiking or skiing or whatever her heart fancies, which you can top by a romantic sleepover somewhere in the mountains. The best way to combine activity time with some warm cuddling!

3- Spas never go wrong
No woman would ever say no to a spa treatment. Instead of offering her an individual one, join the pampering session for some couple sensual time. You can also spend a full day at the spa’s several amenities and enjoy some quality relaxing time together. The sexiest way to spend a Valentine’s according to Esposa!   DH 16512 Magenta  
4- Embrace winter’s coziness
Winters are made for cuddling and Valentine’s couldn’t fall at a better time for that! What could sound better than a romantic escape in some cozy winter chalet for a Valentine’s plan? All you have to do is pick a nice guesthouse with a chimney in some mountain village and enjoy the warm cuddling while watching the snow falling outside.

5- Cook for her
This trick never gets old. Cooking for your woman might probably be the fastest way to her heart. Think about her favorite meal and prepare yourself to delight her senses with a perfectly planned romantic dinner that includes candles, red petals, chocolate, and perhaps a mini massage?   large  
6- Be homebodies for the day
Sometimes, spending lazy time with your woman at home is everything she’d wish for. Cuddling under a warm blanket, watching series, and cooking together could be the perfect kind of romantic time you can treat her with.

7- Dress up
Valentine’s could be the ideal occasion to break the routine and go on a fancy date with your loved one. Build the excitement by telling her one day in advance that she needs to dress up because you have a reservation. Maybe even check out Esposa's evening gowns collection! Even if you're worried about the choice of restaurant, be sure she will greatly appreciate the thoughts and efforts you put in planning this special and lavish night. To check out our evening collection, follow our link!
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