The Smart and Stylish Girl’s Guide to Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

The Smart and Stylish Girl’s Guide to Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Brides today have varying approaches to choosing dresses for their bridesmaids. Some want to be utterly hands-on about it, while others would rather have their bridesmaids decide for themselves what to wear as long as it goes with the color motif of the occasion. There are also brides who would simply choose a particular dress design and ask their bridal party to make it work.

If you're a bride and you want to take a truly smart approach in choosing dresses for your bridesmaids, it's best to be hands-on but also considerate and relaxed about this matter. With a balanced attitude, you will not only make the process less stressful, but it will likewise be easier to pick dresses that every single one of your bridesmaids will love.

Needless to say, a balanced approach is the best solution. To help you with this, we at Esposa Prive, a trusted Dubai bridal shop, are happy to share this smart bride’s guide to shopping for bridesmaid dresses with you.


1. Have a sit-down discussion with your bridesmaids.

  It always helps to discuss what you want for your wedding with your girls. At the same time, this will provide them with the opportunity to share their considerations or ideas.

During the discussion, you can establish all the crucial variables, such as:

  • The style of your wedding dress
  • Budget
  • The venue of the wedding (everybody wants to wear something that is venue-appropriate)
  • Weather
  • The color theme

All these variables will help you decide together how to go about the bridesmaid dress shopping adventure. During this time, your bridesmaids can also show you images of the dresses they have in mind, which can provide you all with a good direction for shopping.


2. Rent or buy?

  If you are keen on picking bridesmaid dress styles that are likely to be just one-time-wear outfits, get a consensus on whether your bridesmaids should buy or rent. Renting is an excellent option if your bridesmaids want to wear fashionable, high-end dresses for your big day that would be too pricey to actually buy.


3. Choose a convenient day for shopping.

  It always helps to dedicate a totally free day for checking out dresses at bridal shops. Nobody has to hurry off to another appointment and put pressure on everyone to make a decision quickly.

Also, dedicating an entire day for the task will help everybody get into the right mindset and be completely focused on the goal. This is simply a fantastic strategy for ensuring a productive day.


4. Work with a consultant.

  Don't just go about the selection process by yourselves. Request the assistance of a wedding dress consultant in Dubai, especially if you're getting the bridesmaid dresses in the boutique where you're getting your wedding gown.

With a consultant, all you have to do most of the time is just to tell them your requirements and they will provide you with the available options that meet these requirements. A consultant can streamline the process and keep everything in the right perspective.

Keeping everything in the right perspective is what consultants are exceptionally good at. They will always have the bride as the primary consideration, even when you're shopping for bridesmaid dresses, because they know that a wedding is all about making the bride shine. Therefore, you can trust that their bridesmaid dress suggestions will always work to complement the wedding dress.


5. Be flexible.

  You can't avoid making some sudden changes even if you have already laid out a well-thought-out plan with your bridal party. Don't stress about this and be open to another discussion.

Sometimes, it's necessary to deviate from what you have initially discussed with your girls. With everyone keeping an open mind, new ideas can work to your advantage. Everybody may end up getting a good discount, or you may find a slightly different style of dress that may complement your wedding dress better.


6. Pay for tailoring.

  When the day spent choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses proceeds smoothly, consider covering tailoring costs. This can be a demonstration of how much you want everyone to look and feel great on your most special day.

Ask your girls what can be done to their dresses so they'll feel more comfortable or polished. Most assuredly, they know the dress treatments that can flatter their own unique body shapes and allow them to move better.


7. Keep to a schedule.

  Bear in mind that it takes months for custom dresses to be completed, and even just tailoring ready-to-wear bridesmaid dresses can take a significant amount of time. As such, create a schedule for all the necessary work to be carried out and when everything should be ready.

Doing this will keep your bridal party on their toes and completely prepared with their outfits in time for the big day.


The Perfect Dresses for the Perfect Day

Bridesmaid dress shopping is an essential aspect of wedding preparation that need not be as stressful as a lot of people make it to be. With a good approach using our guide above, you can go about it in a highly productive and even enjoyable way.

For gorgeous bridesmaid and wedding dresses, come visit us at Esposa Prive. Our selection includes dresses from the most in-demand designers in the industry, and we have the best wedding consultants to assist you.
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