Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Personality available at Esposa and Esposa Prive’ Stores

Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Personality available at Esposa and Esposa Prive’ Stores

Confused about which wedding style you should go for? The best place to start from is your own style. Your wedding dress should first and foremost reflect your personality and tailor your own taste and dreams. Want to have a better idea about which style fits you best? Check Esposa’s dress/personality match to find out!

The Traditional
  CArolina Herrera  
You’ve always liked a simple style that is timelessly elegant, the Grace Kelly look so simple yet so graceful. This Carolina Herrera bridal dress will fall perfectly on you; a delicate off-the-shoulder cut with a subtle floral pattern that makes this look of love so effortlessly beautiful.

The Romantic
You’ve always been the sensitive type in quest of true love, an idealist that seeks deep emotions and an enchanting life. You’ve always imagined yourself in a wedding dress like this Pronovias dress, a heart-shaped bodice extending into illusion lace sleeves and opening into an A-cut that makes you feel like a true princess.

The Playful
  Victor and Rolf  
You’re a risk-taker and a lighthearted soul with an exciting personality. You’re a leader not a follower who is true to his own desires and aspirations. You do not abide by rules rather follow your guts and do whatever makes you happy. You see yourself in an unconventional bridal dress like this Victor and Rolf beauty, unique in its own way. It is light and simple yet modernly creative and captivating, just like your personality.

The Minimalist
For you, less is more. You’ve never been a fan of extravaganza rather a lover of soft looks. This wedding dress by Marchesa suits you perfectly with its subtle and refined bodice and its slightly ruffled skirt that adds a touch of modernity and playfulness in the most artistic and discrete ways.

The Vintage
You love everything vintage and you’ve always imagined yourself living in the era of classic icons? You will fit perfectly into this stunning vintage-style Lazaro bridal dress that combines tulle fabric with elegant silver floral embroidery for a sexy look that will guarantee all eyes will be on you!

The Glamorous
  plume by esposa  
You have a charismatic personality and you love to be the center of attention. You are comfortable with expressing your boldest dreams and being different does not scare you. This SS18 glamorous look from Plume by Esposa is born for your free spirit. A sexy combination of wild flowers, pearls, and head accessorize complete the look that will steal breaths away.

The Flirter
  plume by esposa milan  
Life is a seduction game for you and you’re all in for the fun. You love an air of glamour but never too serious. Your reserved or classic taste hides a hint of “coquetterie” that translates into unexpected bursts of playfulness, exactly like this Plume by Esposa wedding dress. A beautifully embroidered traditional corset suddenly opens into an asymmetrical soft peplum that lies on a princess-style skirt, making for a charming flirtatious look.

The Versatile
  Esposa Couture  
Your multifaceted personality reflects not only in a flexible lifestyle but also in an eclectic taste. Your style is hardly comparable to any other, displaying an adventurous fusion of genres. This EsposaCouture wedding dress suits you superbly, matching your versatile personality with a unique blend of classic and modern, vintage and traditional embroidery, sober and playful movements…
Want more? Check Esposa’s SS18 collection for a wide selection of wedding dresses in Lebanon, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, that make every look of love unique.

About Esposa
With a presence spanning over 30 years, Esposa is a luxury bridal boutique offering every bride-to-be a one-stop shop to find her perfect wedding look, from her dream gown to her wedding shoes and the accessories she needs. Esposa Group includes the Esposa Prive stores located in Downtown-Beirut and Dubai where bridal creations offer the choice between a multi-brand selection showcasing the works of international designers including Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, and Monique Lhuillier, and EsposaPrive’s own couture brand, EsposaCouture, as well as a wide evening segment and a selection of shoes and accessories. Esposa Group encompasses also the Esposa boutiques located in Lebanon (Dbayeh and Verdun), and Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi, showcasing a multi-brand bridal collection in addition to own couture brand Plume by Esposa, an evening segment, and a selection of shoes and accessories.
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