Great Ideas For Movie-Inspired Weddings


Great Ideas For Movie-Inspired Weddings

There is a vast amount of movies that end with a “Happily Ever After”. That’s why they make the perfect theme for a memorable wedding. Whether you are looking to turn your wedding into a classic romantic movie or your favorite film or series, here are some ideas to inspire you.

  Fairytale Wedding There is nothing like a fairytale to bring magic to your wedding and since the live action movie “Cinderella” opened just a few weeks ago, we thought it could make a great theme for your Big Day. If you like Lily James’ style in the film, pick a dress in a soft shade of blue, one of the wedding dress trends for 2015. The actress also chose another shade of blue for the film’s premiere: an aqua colored gown that earned her a real princess look. If you don’t want to walk down the aisle other than in white, you can choose your favorite shade of blue as the color for your bridesmaids’ dresses.   Cinderella   Another great idea for a fun wedding, is the “Alice in Wonderland” theme. Invite your guests to meet you in Wonderland and back into their childhood memories. Re-create the Mad Hatter tea party in an outdoor setting with mismatched tea sets, chandeliers, colorful cupcakes and afternoon snacks. Hang paper lanterns in different colors and gold keys from tree branches. Decorate the tables with clocks stopped at tea-time, playing cards, chessboards and chess pieces in different sizes. You can also place some large mirrors at different spots to recreate the initial scene of the tale.   Alice in Wonderland   Classic Romance If you are not very old fashioned but still like a good romance then going for a classic movie as your wedding theme is a must. One of the most loved classics is “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” which can bring romance, fun and glam to any wedding party. Be Holly and Paul for one evening and set back in the glam of the 60s. Pick a knee-length white wedding dress, choose a hairdo à la Audrey Hepburn and accessorize with pearls and satin gloves. Her style in the movie made the little black dress a trend and it can inspire you for the bridesmaids’ dresses. Choose a Black and White color scheme with a dash of the iconic Tiffany and Co blue color. Decorate with pictures of Audrey Hepburn and George Sheppard with famous quotes from the movie. As for the wedding party, incorporate some brunch and breakfast favorites in the menu, and dance along a video montage of the film’s great party scenes.   Breakfast-at-Tiffany   Pop Culture If you and your groom share a passion for pop culture movies like Harry Potter and the Hunger Games or can’t get enough of series like Game of Thrones, then you should definitely incorporate your shared interest into your wedding theme. This will make your Big Day even more special to the both of you. In the Hunger Games style, send out lottery tickets as wedding invitations to your guests and arrange your guest tables into the 13 districts of Panem using a map. For your gown, take inspiration from the breathtaking wedding dress worn by Katniss in Catching Fire or wear your hair in a side braid. Use bows and golden arrows to decorate.   Hunger-Games   If you are more into the Game of Thrones series, use one of the family sigils on your wedding invitation like the direwolf for the Starks with their motto along with a red seal. As for the seating arrangements, divide them into the different noble houses of the realm or the seven kingdoms of Westeros. For the wedding party, recreate a medieval wedding feast with candles, red wine and metal goblets. If you want a Queen-of-the-North-worthy look, try an ivory dress with a crown or a tiara and white-and-Marsala bouquet.   Game-of-Thrones   These were our ideas for a wedding inspired by your favorite film or series. What theme did you like the most?   About Esposa Esposa is a bridal boutique that is all about luxury brands offering every bride-to-be a one-stop store to find and shop her wedding look including her dream gown, the perfect wedding shoes and the accessories that she needs. Our stores are located in Lebanon (Dbayeh and Beirut downtown), Brazil (Sao Paulo) and UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi). Visit us online to find the most beautiful wedding dresses in Beirut, Sao Paulo, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
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