Tips for a successful wedding make-up


Tips for a successful wedding make-up

Your picture-perfect wedding look is not only about finding your bridal dress and its accessories. It is also about completing your overall look with a flattering wedding make-up, one that should suit you and this special occasion and we have just the needed advices for your quest.   Refine your wedding day skin A bride should have a glowing look on her wedding day and whether you are planning on doing your own make-up or soliciting the help of a make-up artist, the best base for your make-up should be a clear skin, which is the result of regular facials. So schedule monthly treatments to have the perfect complexion, and to avoid any irritations before the wedding, skip any facials one month before the date. (For more details on how to obtain a glowing skin on your wedding day, read our article here).   Opt for a make-up artist or a DIY make-up If you are planning to tie the knot abroad or to have a simple ceremony by the beach, then doing your own make-up is ok but if you are having a formal wedding under the spotlights and the cameras, then you should not overlook getting a professional make-up artist. Just choose the one for you by trying out several ones or pick someone you already know and trust. Arrange a final trial about one month before your wedding and bring images of looks you liked from magazines and online. Wear a white shirt and once done, take a picture in daylight with no flash to see the results.   Opt-for-a-makeup-artist-or-a-DIY-makeup   Pick the right look Always remember that your everyday make-up may not work for your wedding because it has to last all day and look perfect indoors and in daylight. If you usually like heavy make-up, you should soften it a bit for your wedding so it doesn’t clash with your white dress. In addition to your dress, match your make-up with your wedding theme and hairstyle. Browse magazines for inspiration especially red carpet looks.   Take into consideration your skin type If you have a dry skin, then it is best to apply a moisturizer before doing your make-up and if it’s the opposite make sure the product is oil-free. Use a primer before applying foundation. It will help your make-up stay longer and smooth your skin before applying the rest of your make-up.   Foundation is your most important tool To obtain a natural look, nothing is more important than using the right foundation. So take home several samples from the store and invest in a good one. It is very important to test them on your face and to try them indoors as well as in daylight. Find the perfect color for you and the right formulation for your skin and you will definitely look amazing.   Foundation-is-your-most-important-tool   Apply your foundation the right way Use your foundation first, then the concealer. With the right amount, your skin will look as natural as possible. Apply in thin layers, start from the center of your face and moving outward. Apply the product to cover-up imperfections by tapping gently with your fingertips and avoiding rubbing it. To hide dark circles, trace the product below your eye in the form of a V by starting from the inner corner and moving towards your cheek and then to the outer corner and back under your eye. Lightly dust your face with a small amount of powder. Go easy on the powder so your face doesn’t look too heavy and dry.   Avoid strong make-up Remember that everything looks brighter and stronger with white so avoid smoky eyes and dark lipsticks. Most importantly, don’t try something too bold that you wouldn’t wear normally. The most flattering look with a white wedding dress is rosy cheeks and pink lips. Choose cream blushers, which will give you a flattering modern look compared to powdered blushers. Apply a small amount on the apple of the cheeks and move outward. Just like with your foundation, try different colors at the store and make sure to wear a white shirt to test the results.   Avoid-strong-makeup   Use waterproof eye make-up The only products that will stand the test of a long day are waterproof eye make-up: mascara, eyeliners and eyeshadow primers. Just remember to keep your colors simple and light. Another flattering tip is to have softly groomed brows and feathery lashes. To make your eyes stand out better, use individual fake eyelashes instead of a full strip. Nestle them between your lashes and not above to have a more natural look.     About Esposa Esposa is a bridal boutique that is all about luxury brands offering every bride-to-be a one-stop store to find and shop her wedding look including her dream gown, the perfect wedding shoes and the accessories that she needs. Our stores are located in Lebanon (Dbayeh and Beirut downtown), Brazil (Sao Paulo) and UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi).   Visit us online to find the most beautiful wedding dresses in Beirut, Sao Paulo, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
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