Top 12 Irresistible Evening Looks at Esposa Privé Dubai

Top 12 Irresistible Evening Looks at Esposa Privé Dubai

The new evening collection has landed in Esposa Prive Dubai and it’s ready to razzle-dazzle. Models, colors, and styles vary to suit every taste and occasion, promising to make your summer nights ever glowing. Here are our top 12 picks that will give you a foretaste of pure glamour!

  1   1- The Solemn
Simple and elegant, this burgundy A-line silk dress will make the perfect outfit on a friend’s engagement, wedding, or gala dinner.

  2   2- The Sumptuous
Reveal your sparkling personality with this glimmering white dress exuding purity and glamour. Perfect for a Katb-Ketab ceremony or even a red carpet event!

  3   3- The Versatile
Wear your elegance distinctively with this pastel two-piece outfit that will make you look irresistibly voguish at any occasion.

  4   4- The Glamorous
A fully-beaded heart-shaped bodice and a flowing silk skirt make a glamorous look by excellence.

  5   5- The Funky
Satisfy your unconventional taste with this champagne-color dress distinguished by a bold bodice and a shiny ruffle skirt.

  6   6- The Sophisticated
With a splash of embroidery on its back, this black gleaming dress enacts ultimate sophistication.

  7   7- The Eccentric
From the color to the cut, the adorning motifs and shoulder ruffles, this dress is nothing close to ordinary. Glow in it as a bridesmaid, a wedding guest, or at any sumptuous evening occasion.

  8   8- The Bohemian
Embodying a butterfly’s color and pattern so majestically, this dress is the choice of the free-spirited woman who is not shy to make a bold impression.

  9   9- The Elegant
Laid-back elegance exudes from every little detail in this dress, guaranteeing a Greek diva look to every woman who will wear it.

  10   10- The Summery
Fresh pinkish colors, flowing cuts, and exposed bodices make these looks summery by excellence!

  11   11- The Romantic
A gorgeous strapless bodice and layers of pink romance promise an irresistible summer look that will make you glow at any event.

  13   12- The Seductive
With its flashy color, its sexy bodice, and its open silk skirt, this dress exhibits seduction in every way.

For the full evening collection, visit our Esposa Prive store in Dubai and get your hand on your favorite look from a wide range of gowns.

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