Top 8 Things that Should Be Included in Every Bride’s Wedding Kit!

Top 8 Things that Should Be Included in Every Bride’s Wedding Kit!

Even if you’re the most meticulous detail-oriented bride, if you haven’t thought about your wedding kit, your big day’s checklist is not really complete. While you’re busy planning the perfect time for your guests, you might tend to forget to be prepared yourself for the mini disasters or emergencies that could happen to you and ruin your best moments.

To make this checklist easier for you, Esposa has thought about the essentials that every bride should have in her wedding kit that would prepare her for the most common “bride-emergency” situations!

  2   1- Oil absorbing sheets
The sweat and the tears make it hard to keep a makeup intact. Blotting sheets can do a miracle job in avoiding makeup leakage and keeping your look fresh all day long.

2- White chalk
You definitely don’t want that beautiful white dress stained or ruined on your big day! Keeping white chalk (or Tide to go) in your kit can save your day by hiding all the - nasty – evidence.

3- Deodorant
Add to the emotions and stress all the movements you’re going to do that day, on and off the dance floor: you’ll definitely need that deodorant more than once. Keep it on you to make sure you smell your best at any time of the day!

4- Small Snacks
It’s not so hard to starve yourself on your wedding day. It will probably help you feel lighter in that wedding dress but before you know, your body will crash and you’ll need some sugar to keep going. Keeping small snacks like granola bars in your kit is great to give you energy on-the-go!

5- Breath Mints
They’re probably the last thing you would think of but hey, they definitely come in handy! Pop one every time you feel you need to freshen your breath after all that greeting and talking.

  3   6- Flats
They’re everything you’ll ever want after that day-long heel exhaustion! Whether flip flops or comfortable shoes, make sure you have them on you.

  4   7- Mini Sewing Kit
It doesn’t hurt to have one when your dress or your bridesmaid’s decide to ruin the party, right?

8- Hairpins & Spray
You can’t expect your hair to stay flawless all day. After you’ve hugged all the guests and shook those legs, you’ll certainly need to make some quick touch-ups to your hairstyling. You’ll be thankful for the pins and hairspray you’ve added to your kit!

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