Top Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends for 2020


Top Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends for 2020

2019 is coming to its end soon and the world is waiting for the new year 2020. To all 2020 brides, this article will definitely be interesting to you. In the below, you will discover the newest 2020 hair and makeup wedding trends according to beauty influencers.

Have you set your wedding date for 2020? You must have definitely started stressing out and thinking how you will have to prepare for your wedding and dreaming of your perfect dress. Guess what? Not only is it important to find wedding dress that best fits your body shape and style, but it is also important to choose your hairstyle and makeup that will have a huge impact on your appearance. Therefore, we provide you in the below points with the 2020 hottest wedding hair and makeup trends so you can get an idea of what is trendy and choose what best suits you.

1- Play with color

Makeup colors are a trend in 2020. You can use colored eyeshadows such as pale blue, rose gold, coral pinks etc. These colors give you an attractive look and were seen at the bridal spring 2020 fashion week.

2- Long Natural Waves

Letting your hair down is apparently a bridal hair trend in 2020. In the previous years, curly hair and updos were a huge thing but this bridal season, letting your hair down and having a natural look is the new trend. If you have natural wavy hair, you will definitely shine on your big day.

3- Florals

Florals have always added a feminine touch to your wedding. How about floral arrangements for your hair. If you want to be a trendy bride and your wedding Is in 2020, choose floral arrangements which are headpieces made of flowers which go beyond flower crowns and give you a marvelous look.

4- Neutral Makeup

Neutral makeup which is known for its nude colors such as light brown and beige is trendy in 2020 for all brides to encourage natural beauty on their wedding day. These colors enhance your beauty in a natural way.

5- Red Lips

Red Lips are a thing in 2020. If you are looking to have a striking and attractive look on your wedding day, then you should put on red lipstick. It creates a nice contrast with your white wedding dress and makes you the center of attention.

6- Soft Pinks

Pink was dominant in the bridal spring 2020 fashion week. For example, not only did we see pink wedding dresses but also simple pink details from accessories to pink veils and glasses. Moreover, pink makeup shades especially on the lips and cheeks were seen on models. So if you are a romantic bride, choose pink shades.

7- Bold Headbands

Every bride chooses to wear a nice and simple headband which might take the shape of a crown. However, these headbands are taken to a whole new level. Big and large headbands decorated with pearls, gems and flowers.
Finally, as you know, wedding makeup and hair trends change every year. After going through the top hair and makeup trends of 2020, it’s now up to you to decide which trend best suits your style and taste for you to impress and have a trendy bridal look on your wedding day. Also, if you need help in searching for your wedding dress, book an appointment on our website and we will be happy to help you. Remember you can find wedding dresses in Lebanon at Esposa Stores. Hurry up and visit us!

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