Veil is about Grace & Beauty… What about the Bridal Tiara?

Veil is about Grace & Beauty… What about the Bridal Tiara?

The bride is the queen of the day. But what does it make the difference between a queen and a beautiful girl? The shiny aspect. Of course we all know that everybody looks at you and that you are glittering from head to foot, but there is a detail which increases the beauty of the image: the bridal tiara! The bridal tiara has a very interesting history - it is a sign of the nobility, and it symbolizes hope, magic, glow and elegance - nowadays bridal tiara is also a sign of distinction. It is said that it is recommended to borrow a bridal tiara or to keep your bridal tiara for the next generations, because borrowing it brings good luck to the person who gives it and to the person who receives it as well. But apart from myths and symbols,  it is a good thing to know some practical information about bridal tiara. 941158_10151638142483156_807667355_n - Copy Firstly you must be decided upon the wedding dress you will wear. It is essential that the wedding dress match the style of the bridal tiara. If you have a simple dress, you may choose a tiara in the same manner, or you may compensate the simplicity of the dress by a more decorated tiara. Think of the details of your dress too: if it has pearls and crystals applied, you may choose a tiara which will have the same glittering motifs. Are you a modern bride, with a daring dress? Then an eccentric tiara would be recommended. If you prefer something classical, then you may try a tiara with an old aspect, a slightly antique one. The shade of the tiara is important too. It must match the color of the dress and the type of its material. For example a cream dress or a dress wich is butter colored requires a golden tiara, whereas a white dress, with a silvery aspect matches with a silvery tiara. Talk to your hairdresser about what you have purchased, in order to let him think of a proper hair style.
When you choose your tiara you may also think of what your bride maids will wear on their heads. It would be nice to have the same kind of tiaras, of course, the bride will have a special tiara, but the bride maids may have simpler models of the bride’ s tiara.

If your hair is short don't try to put on something complicated or large and difficult to arrange. Using a lot of hair clips you will give your general look an artificial, forced aspect. Something delicate, like a ribbon in the Alice in Wonderland manner, will give you a fairy tale air. Very important! Don't choose a tiara only because it looks nice. You must combine the useful with the pleasant, to be a little practical and to take into account that your wedding day is long. A comfortable tiara, flexible, but stable, which doesn't clasp, and doesn't slide either, is what you would have to look for. And think of the other jewels too - your tiara is also a jewel, you have to match it with the others (earrings, necklace etc). Don't forget the attitude – you are the queen today! So enjoy your reign!  
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