The 10 most extravagant proposals of all time

The 10 most extravagant proposals of all time

“Will you marry me?” This four-word question is definitely one of the most life-changing statements that can happen to you. Being this once-in-a-lifetime unforgettable moment in a woman’s life, this proposal deserves to be glowingly remembered. Here are some of the most flamboyant proposals of all time that proved once again that love can go a long way:
1. In a movie-setting theme, Kanye West proposed to Kim on her birthday in what will become one of the most famous proposals ever. His getting-down-on-one-knee gesture is accompanied by a 50-piece orchestra performing Lana Del Rey's "Young &Beautiful"in the middle of San Francisco's AT&T Park!
  10-proposals-monopoly   2. Bill Rancic swiped us all off our feet with his amazing helicopter ride over Chicago, spiced up with some champagne and pizza. Here, some thousands feet above the ground, he proposed to Guiliana with the romantic Chicago view.
3. Another surprising and bold proposal was Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s when he asked his dancing princess Peta Murgatroyd to marry him during the show “Dancing with the Stars”! What better way to propose than during an impulsive dance performance?
4. Being the unconventional strong woman that she is, Pink was the one to propose to her man, Carey Hart. During one of his motorcross races, she stood on the sidelines holding a “Will you marry me?” board. This groundbreaking approach made Hart drop out of the race during his lap to kiss his bride-to-be!
  10-proposals-ben-and-jerrys   5. A creative man proposed to his bride-to-be by recreating the “UP!” animation movie. Although it took him weeks of flea-shopping to find the details to characteristically model the living room scene, with the balloons being the most heartwarming feature, it ended up being a great success – in other words, he got his “Yes”!
6. Another creative proposal involved using a custom-made monopoly board.The ‘Chance’ Card read: “Will you marry me? If yes, advance to luxury tax”, the latter hiding the ring under it. Quite a fun way to embark on a commitment, right?
7. Another innovative proposal was done through childhood memories. What better place than Kinder surprise to find your future engagement ring? Innocently eating chocolate would end up with you saying “yes” to the man of your life. After all, isn’t chocolate the drug of love?
  10-proposals-kinder   8. As crazy as it sounds, an amazing proposal was done under the sea. Believe it or not, this man held a waterproof “will you marry me?” sign during an island trip while scuba-diving! How romantic is that?
9. How fun is this man for proposing on a roller coaster at an amusement park? His bride-to-be only knew he was proposing when looking at the ride picture to see that each person behind her was holding a paper with one of the words reading “Will you marry me?”. This proposal deserves a trophy!
10. For a couple in love with food as much as with each other, this proposal is definitely mouth-drooling. Requesting a personalized “will you marry me?” label on his girl’s favorite Strawberry Cheesecake Ben and Jerry’s pint, the man carefully left the jar in the fridge and waited for her to find it. Double happiness!

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