Wedding Dress Styles for all types of brides


Wedding Dress Styles for all types of brides

Are you a future bride and don’t know where and how to start looking for a wedding dress? In the article below, discover the different wedding dress styles available at Esposa stores in Dbayeh, Ramleh el bayda and Dubai.

Find out the different types of fabric used for each as well as a description of the elements of each style. Also, know the difference between a wedding dress cut and style.


1. Different Wedding Dress Styles:

• Beach

• Bohemian

• Classic

• Glamorous

• Rustic

• Sexy

• Simple

• Vintage

• Statement

• Romantic

2. Difference between wedding dress cut and style

Shopping for a wedding dress is not a simple mission because it requires a lot of research. You need to know which fabric, designer, neckline and style would best suit your taste and be perfect for your body shape. Esposa provides you with different types of wedding dresses for you to pick what you like. It is important to mention that each style reflects a type of personality.

1- Different Wedding Dress Styles

- Beach Wedding Dress:


Beach Wedding Dress with Short Sleeves

If you’re having your wedding at the beach, near the sea and sand, then you’ll probably need a beach wedding dress. These types of dresses are usually made of light fabric such as silk or chiffon to allow you to move easily and provide you with ultimate comfort. You don’t need a heavy gown on the sand!


Beach wedding dress from the back

- Bohemian Wedding Dress:


Bohemian Wedding Dress with a V neckline

The bohemian wedding dress is perfect for the modern and trendy bride. If you hate the traditional dress, then this one is for you. The bohemian style is related to the hippies of the 60s and 70s and the dresses are usually made of flowy fabrics such as lace. Moreover, it best suits the free-spirited brides.


Bohemian Wedding Dress from the back

- Classic Wedding Dress:


A Classic Wedding Dress with Short Sleeves

The classic wedding dress is a traditional dress that never goes out of style. It is simple and elegant with very soft embroidery. Furthermore, it has accents only at the level of the neck or bodice.

- Glamorous Wedding Dress:


A Glamorous Wedding Dress with Layers

A glamorous wedding dress is known for the fabric that it is made of such as chiffon, organza, satin etc. A good example of a glamorous wedding dress would be that of Kate Middleton’s. Usually, this type of wedding dress comes with an A-Line.

- Rustic Wedding Dress:


A Rustic Wedding Dress with beautiful Embroidery

Rustic is related to the countryside. A rustic wedding dress is a mix of country and bohemian style which is usually designed with handmade lace. Furthermore, it is preferable for this kind of dress to have a mermaid or sheath cut.

- Sexy Wedding Dress:


Off-Shoulder Sexy Wedding Dress

The sexy wedding dress is a unique and out of the box dress that shows your curves. It can be made of see- through lace, chiffon, tulle and other fabrics and can have a v-neckline. It is also perfect for a confident and daring bride.

- Simple Wedding Dress:


A simple Wedding Dress with puffy skirt

A simple wedding dress is one that gives you a classical and elegant look. It doesn’t necessarily have to be plain to be considered simple but has usually less volume and embroidery than luxurious and trendy dresses.

- Vintage Wedding Dress:


A Vintage Wedding Dress with Embroidery

What is a vintage wedding dress?  A vintage wedding dress refers to the “old -school” style and to the period between the 1920s and 1980s. There are a lot of details that indicate a vintage style such as satin buttons, beads, borrowed lace, brooch, simple embroidery only on the sleeves and others. This type of dress best suits an independent, self-reliant and strong woman.

- Statement Wedding Dress:


A Statement Wedding Dress with Layers

The statement wedding dress is a unique and one of a kind dress that will grab the attention of everyone. In other words, a statement dress is all about the details!

- Romantic Wedding Dress:


A Strapless Romantic Wedding Dress with simple embroidery

A romantic wedding dress is one that mixes between two beautiful fabrics which are tulle and lace. They add a feminine touch to your appearance especially if the skirt is made of tulle. It gives you a dreamy and stunning look on your special day. This type of dress best suits romantic and dreamy brides.

2- Difference between wedding dress cut and style

A lot of people confuse between a wedding dress cut and style although they are totally different. The wedding dress cut also known as the silhouette is the type of dress that best fits your body shape. There are several cuts such as mermaid, ball gown, a-line, straight and others. Make sure to choose the one that suits you best. With respect to wedding dress styles, they differ in the type of neckline, fabric, sleeves.

There are several styles from which you can choose according to your wedding theme such as vintage, bohemian, romantic, rustic etc.

After being introduced to all wedding dress styles in the points above, it is now much easier for you to narrow down your options and choose your favorite style. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life so it is necessary that you buy the dress with all the details that you love and to ask for your bridal expert’s advice. Take your time to try out different wedding dresses until you’re a 100% sure you found your fairytale dress. Visit the nearest Esposa store, but remember to book an appointment ahead of time.


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