2017 Bridal Trends Promise Boldness and Elegance

2017 Bridal Trends Promise Boldness and Elegance

We all want a unique, original wedding dress that makes us shine and highlights our special alliance with our man, don’t we? If you are on the quest for this perfect theme that will suit you, do not hesitate to scroll down till the end. Here are some various 2017 wedding trends that will enlighten you.   b15820   Let’s start with the wedding trends that never seem to fade away. These make their mark and still manage to give a fresh and personal impression. The first items on the list are the 3D romantic florals. Being a hit last year as well, I think it is safe to say that florals never get old and are still appearing on major dresses such as the collection of Monique Lhuillier, Ines Di Santo and more. They are still in bloom, and are mostly seen in the company of another trend that seems to also be getting used to the spotlight: the famous plunging necklines.
Marchesa, Oscar De La Renta and many more are assuring us that these mind-boggling deep V-Neck styles are going to keep doing exactly that during 2017: boggle our minds! Yes ladies, the off-the-shoulders trend has reached brides and is planning to stay put. So get ready to unclothe those shoulders!   Ines di Santo Bridal Spring 2017 New York April 2016   Another trend that has also a hard time fading away and that has always been one of the most enduring types of bridal fabric is the guipure lace. Mostly accompanied by delicate embroidery, guipure always features meticulous craftsmanship that guarantees to catch everyone’s eye. Zuhair Mrad and Carolina Herrera are definitely having the best time working around this lingering trend.   2-lucinda   Want a dress that’s not really oversized but are still in love with tulle? If yes, then this is your year! Transparent tulle is being redesigned to fit any bridal dress without necessarily making it over puffy. Various designs promote tulle skirts, such as A-line designs, mermaid silhouettes, and detachable over-skirts. It can be personalized and redesigned to your preference and still look marvelous.   SS17 OSCAR DE LA RENTA   Another trend comes to defy the traditional white color, revisiting wedding gowns with elegant touches of silver and gold. There is nothing to worry about as your special day can still be classy and gracious with these royally refined colors!   jas_9849_01-leb   Surprisingly enough, the veil is the shiest trend this year but no worries, it did not leave us unattended. The cape smoothly took its place and is now on the way of dominating 2017! These ponchos/cloak trains are definitely the answer if your uncertainty is swinging from a traditional to a sensual and alluring look. They give you a mixture of classic presence and also the right amount of exposure and sexiness.   shot_06_1024   For the best of 2017 bridal and the widest selection of wedding dresses in Lebanon, visit Esposa bridal boutiques in Dbayeh, Downtown, and Verdun. Our collection of local and international ready and tailor-made dresses will satisfy every taste!

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