What shade of white for wedding dress you should choose?

What shade of white for wedding dress you should choose?

Are you on the look out for your wedding dress and not sure what shade of white for wedding dress you should choose? The answers are here!

Have embarked on your journey of finding the perfect wedding dress? It’s important to differentiate between the various styles, patterns and colors. When deciding on the perfect dress, keep in mind that there are different shades of white, with different shades suiting different skin colors. Here is some helpful advice on how to best pull off the white look.
Ivory wedding dresses are an ideal choice for a bride with light or very fair-colored skin and blond or red hair. Ecru colored bridal gowns, which are a hue darker than ivory dresses, also work well with pale-skinned brides. Silk white will make you look pale and washed out if you have bright skin. As a general rule, the lighter your skin tone is, the warmer the white of your bridal gown should be. Match it with white gold or silver accessories and you will sparkle like a diamond.
If you have a bronze tone or a medium-colored skin, then you should opt for a creamy shade such as champagne, which is similar to beige or off-white. For brides with golden tans, an optical white dress will make your skin glow. Gold accessories complement these two skin colors beautifully.
For darker skin tones, a bride will look her best wearing any shade ranging from pure white to ecru. Gold and silver accessories are both suitable and will look great.
Always contrast the shade of your white gown to your skin tone. The darker the latter is, the brighter the white of your wedding gown should be and vice versa. With the right shade of white, you will look elegant and eye-catching and will feel comfortable with the skin you live in. Shade of White
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