Your Best Friend’s Wedding: The Outfits You Need!

Your Best Friend’s Wedding: The Outfits You Need!

A best friend’s wedding is the second best wedding day for any girl. If this day has arrived for you, we can definitely sense your excitement. You might not be the bride but you’ve certainly got a million things to do, including that dress shopping mission!

We know a killer look does not come stress-free but we, at Esposa, are here to make the task easier. Because we know what elegance truly requires, we’ve compiled the top Esposa looks that bring you the latest trends in summer evening wear to make you look like a real princess.

Extravagant, glamorous, and unique, our Esposa and EsposaPrive’s collections propose creative cuts and colors that will make you stand out of the crowd.
  86 Mod. Cypress   1- Cypress
This dress embodies elegance in every detail, making a perfect best-friend-wedding outfit! Unusual and classy pastel colors draw creative motifs that marry with a glorious princess gown crowned with a silhouette-flattering off-shoulder cut.
  94 Mod. Dianthus  
2- Dianthus
Making an entrance is a piece of cake with this breathtaking dress! Transform yourself into a dazzling silk flower that enchants the senses with this strikingly fresh and creative look. Beautifully marrying the vivid colors of yellow and blue, this dress proposes an unprecedented approach to floral inspiration.
  98 Mod. Dittany  
3- Dittany
Feel like a princess with this exquisite look from EsposaPrive! Weaved with chiffon-like fabric and embodying the ultimate off-the-shoulder elegant cut, this dress reenacts natural glamour, offering an artistically playful and unique evening piece.
  132 Mod. Galium  
4- Galium
This dress completely blows our mind, taking elegance to a whole new level. The chic black and white combination delineates an abstract floral pattern to unfold magically in fluid movements and creative cuts, resulting in a true work of art.
  Zigosel   5- Zigosel
Your friend is having a laid-back lunch wedding or you’re rather fond of casual elegance? This Isabel Sanchis dress proposes a sweet dose of freshness punctuated by a playful white on pink glittery pattern. If you go for the complete signature look, the eccentric accessorizes won’t hesitate in adding a fashionable avant-garde touch that will instantly frame you as the boho-stylish best friend.
6- Solemner
The ultimate EsposaPrive classy look unfolds in emerald green dresses distinguished by luxurious fabrics and heavy embroidery. This sumptuous evening outfit is all you need to shine on your best friend’s wedding!
7- Valeri
This evening collection dress by Isabel Sanchis makes black look fresher than ever. Designed only for the bold, it captivates the eyes with its monumental white flowers, taking in-vogue glamour to a whole new level. An Esposa masterpiece that will wow your audience.

For more dazzling evening dresses, don’t hesitate to visit our Esposa and EsposaPrive boutiques. Besides a wide selection of wedding dresses in Lebanon, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, our multi-brand eveningwear collection has something for every taste.

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